Welcome to the Geneglace Ice Technology Centre ! 

GEA Refrigeration France s.a.s is the first manufacturer of ice machines in Europe, marketed under the brand Geneglace.

Designed according to a simple principle, the Geneglace machines benefit from over fifty years' technical experience and a continuous policy of development, for unbeatable quality.

With more than 40 products,Geneglace Ice Technology Centre (ITC) offers the largest range available on the market.




Engineering for a better world

Geneglace Ice Technology Centre cultivates a real "intelligence in ice". All our equipments are the result of a unique know-how. Select the kind of ice that suits your application best !                     Flake ice                Liquid ice       



With its strong reputation of quality and competitiveness, Geneglace ITC offers ice-systems used in various industries.



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